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Lamborghini Rims, Mags & Tyres

A high-performance car needs high-performance wheels and tyres. Ozzy Tyres helps some of Australia’s most discerning motorists give their pride and joy the very best, allowing them to choose from some of the most respected brands on the market. Browse quality wheels from reputable manufacturers including XXR, Vertini, Stance and innovative newcomer Hussla, or invest in a set of tyres from Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin or Kumho Tyres and discover the difference.

We know you want the absolute finest products on the market for your car, but that doesn’t mean spending a mint. Our company has made a name for itself by offering the perfect balance of quality, choice and affordability, making state-of-the-art aftermarket parts available at some of the most competitive prices in the industry. If you’re looking to spoil your car the easy way, look no further.

Beautiful parts for a beautiful car

A Lamborghini is not just another form of transportation – it’s a work of art, and needs the same level of care you’d give any masterpiece. To ensure that you get the finest possible driving experience – and that your vehicle looks its absolute best – we provide an extensive range of wheel packages, rims and mags for Lamborghinis that enhance the visual appeal, financial value and safety of the car while it’s in motion.

Easily reaching speeds in excess of 350 kph, a Lamborghini is a car that needs special car to function at its peak. To ensure that you have the most control over your vehicle, outfit your car with genuine original and tailored aftermarket parts. The right tyres and wheels can contribute to the cornering ability, control and stopping distance of a vehicle, so make the smart decision for your safety and buy from our store.

Twenty years of exemplary service

Ozzy Tyres delivers the best for drivers across the country. Whatever vehicle you step behind the wheel of, ensure that it’s equipped with tyres, rims and mags from our store for the best driving experience.

Not sure what you need? We’ll be happy to help! Get in touch today and let us guide you to the right set for your needs.