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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Trailer Wheels


You may be wondering what the difference is between car wheels and trailer wheels. Well, the main difference is the way they’re made. Where car wheels are designed to deal with all kinds of stresses and strains, trailer wheels are designed mostly to deal with high vertical loads. Other than that, there isn’t much difference. So, that means you can put normal car wheels on your trailer. However, you MUST NOT put trailer-specific wheels on your car! They are not designed for the physical forces endured by car wheels.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

In terms of the difference between caravan wheels vs normal trailer wheels, there isn’t any difference at all. You can buy any wheel for any towed vehicle as long as it fits the bolt configuration and has enough clearance from the chaises and wheel arches.

Style wise, trailer wheels tend to be pretty plain and boring. Given that you can put car wheels on your trailer, we can change that by putting some awesome wheels on your trailer!


Wheels for a caravan

You go away in a caravan because it’s a bit more luxurious than a tent. In a way, it’s like your home away from home. You wouldn’t let the outside of your house look drab so why let the outside of your caravan be boring? As the bolt configuration will differ from caravan to caravan, unfortunately we can’t recommend a specific wheel. So, the following suggestion is for inspiration purposes only. Make sure you get in touch with one of our wheel and tyre experts to get a wheel that fits your caravan.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Let’s face it, you aren’t going to be going anywhere fast with a caravan in tow. So sportiness probably isn’t high on the priority list. Similarly, your caravan doesn’t need to look hardcore or show off in any way. So we think something understated but good looking is the right way to go. Something like the Avid AV-12 Vapor would work well.


Wheels for work trailers

This is why trailer-specific wheels are designed with vertical loads in mind. Obviously work trailers are needed to carry heavy loads so you need something a bit more rough and tumble to cope. As we’ve noted, car wheels are designed with all stresses and strains in mind so they will still be suitable for your trailer.

Something like the Hussla 659 is tough and simple for a work trailer. It would look pretty good too. Once again, if you’re considering this wheel, make sure it fits your bolt configuration and wheel arch clearance.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Wheels for boat trailers

Naturally, there’s a big difference between towing a Laser sailing boat and a fast fishing boat but you’ll still want some durability and vertical load bearing from your wheels. Added to that, you’re likely to be dipping your wheels into the water slightly when you put your boat in the water down the slipway. The vast majority of wheels are made from aluminum alloys which are corrosion resistant so that won’t be an issue. The same can’t always be said for some brake components so be sure to check those periodically.

The Avid AV-50 would be a suitable style and construction. These come in matte black which looks great but also hides all the water marks you may get on your wheels. They also have a great, hard wearing, chunky feel to them.


Tyres for trailers

Specialist trailer tyres tend to have more solid tyre walls than car tyres so it’s best to be aware of that when buying your trailer tyres. You’ll also want something quite tough so you should consider an all terrain tyre or even a mud tyre if you’re going off road.


Trailer tyre wheel sizes

As you’ll need to fit a decent sized tyre on your trailer, we recommend a smaller wheel size. We stock wheels any where between 15 inches and 28 inches so you’ll always find a wheel to fit your trailer. You’ll also find a range of bolt configurations to suit a range of vehicles.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Buy trailer wheels and tyres together

Buy your wheels and tyres together from Ozzy tyres to save yourself a heap of cash. Our wheel and tyre packages are great value for money and can take the sting out of buying both at the same time. We’ll even send out your wheels with the tyres already on them so if you’re handy with a wrench, all you need to do is bolt them on, pump them up and you’re ready to go.

You can also get interest free finance from ZipMoney to help you pay off your purchase over a massive 24 months.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages