Marcus’s first set of wheels, Hussla HXR527.

Ready to start work!

Ready to start work!

Marcus had just bought his first car not long ago, months of savings and hard work all payed off in the form of a dark red Mitsubishi Lancer. But as any car guy in the making, the bug to modify bit quickly!

Hussla HXR527 Hussla HXR527

After seeing our new 12-Months Interest Free Finance (info here) he couldn’t hold back and bit the bullet. Dropping into our Canberra store he realised at $4 a day, how could he go wrong? A set of Hussla HXR527 were opted for, along with Nexen tyres.

Before clean up! Before clean up!
First set of wheels, Hussla HXR527. First set of wheels, Hussla HXR527.
Detailed and Painted Callipers and Hub. Detailed and Painted Callipers and Hub


To tidy it all up, Marcus also requested his brake callipers and hubs to be painted black. The end product is p-plater PERFECT! Congratulations Marcus on your first set of wheels, we were happy to help!

Hussla HXR527 Hussla HXR527
Hussla HXR527 Hussla HXR527

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