It’s a NEW day, introducing a NEW colour: Dark Tint!

DSC08890_Fotor Al new; Dark Tint

We’ve been working closely with the factory on all the newest wheels coming into our showroom, we like it that way! This way we get to put the ideas and wants of our customers first, all the way back to the starting line where the wheels themselves are made.

Together with Hussla Wheels, we have just designed a first, a completely new colour… well a tint! What’s a tint you might ask? Well let’s fill you in first; a tint is adding colour or shaing to the clear coat of the wheel. In this case we’ve taken a machined face wheel, the new Hussla Zane & Mia and added the tint to the machined face.

The all new Hussla MIA! The all new Hussla MIA!
The all new Hussla MIA! The all new Hussla MIA!


Hussla Zain DB 1-2 (2) Hussla Zain DB 1-2 (4)

The tint itself gives the whole wheel a dark… a dark tint, allowing the machined face beneath to shine through and almost make the edges glow with a crispness that paint just can’t do. With all the angles and lines being shown off, you’d have to ask what does it look at night? Well since it’s a tint… tint works by taking in light and reflecting it back out and at night the overall look darkens and becomes a nearly full black wheel with just the edges being shown off.

We’re very proud to be releasing the new Hussla Zane & Mia in this new colour, Dark Tint. More so, our good friends at Vertini Wheels were so impressed with our colour, that now they have added it to their range also!

DSC08859_Fotor Al new; Dark Tint
DSC08857_Fotor Al new; Dark Tint
DSC08855_Fotor Al new; Dark Tint
DSC08854_Fotor Al new; Dark Tint
DSC08853_Fotor Al new; Dark Tint

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