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Continental Premium Contact 2

For the best value for money, Ozzy Tyres presents the Continental Tyres range. Top of the range in performance in the Continental Premium Contact 2 Tyres. Continental is a leading German manufacturer, being the 4th largest tyre manufacturer. With years of research and development, you can trust that Continental Tyres will keep you safe. Ozzy Tyres believe that Continental Tyres are your bang for buck tyre, as it encompasses grip and safety with low pricing.

The Continental Tyres have a wide range of models to suit different needs, from your everyday passenger vehicle to a high performance vehicle. For those who drive their cars on a daily basis, even tyre wear and road noise are important factors when buying new tyres.

Continental Premium Contact Continental Premium Contact

The Continental Premium Contact are performance rated where their tread pattern has a innovative design to add grip during harsh conditions such as heavy rainfall. Having a softer compound compared to the Continental Eco, the Continental Premium is much more suited to sports cars with its traction capabilities. It is suitable for a heavier sedan type vehicle such as a Toyota Camry or Holden Commodore, where the added weight is counteracted by extra grip levels from the Continental Premium. Aquaplaning is a issue faced by many commuters during torrential rain. Roads and highways can be a death trap when you don't have reliable tyres. Continental Premium has worked around this safety hazard to bring you a tyre you can trust when you need it most.

Ozzy Tyres recommend these Continental Premium to all makes and models.

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