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Ozzy Tyres knows that the Tyre is a fundamental component of guaranteeing safety when driving.

We also know that consumers in any state like Brisbane prefer cheap tyres without comprising quality, performance and safety.

Ozzy Tyres always educates its customers not to neglect there tyres and to make sure proper care is given to the tyre for safety, performance and extra Mileage.

Ozzy Tyres offers the cheapest price guaranteed in Brisbane.
Brisbane consumers want cheap tyres at the best price then look no further.

We only offer our customers leading tyre companies like Forceum (engineered by Vredestein), Bridgestone,Coppers, Pirelli, Kuhmo,Dunlops, Goodyear all our tyre range is advanced range when it comes to safety.

At OZZYTYRES we're aware of the needs of AUSTRALIAN's; we Aussie's are budget conscious and like the best deal without comprising quality.

OZZYTYRES supports manufactures locally and highly endorses its own brand called FORCEUM, FORCEUM has been in the market for over 10 years and has excellent reviews and we at OZZYTYRES believe our tyres will last longer and cater to your needs, whether you're looking for performance, acceleration, stopping, quietness or just durability.

OZZYTYRES has the highest quality tyre at the lowest price and we know we have made the best choice for our own people without comprising reliability, performance in wet and dry condition, smooth ride, and the best tyre pattern for safety and performance.

We also have the house-hold name of tyres 50% -60% cheaper than your local tyre shop!

OZZYTYRES has been giving Aussie's Fairdinkum tyres that pick value for money and the safest set of tyres.

At OZZYTYRES we guarantee the quality of all the tyres we supply and install for the life of the tyre. In the unlikely event you discover a manufacturer's fault after purchase; we will replace your tyre/s free of charge (on a pro-rata basis if the tyre is more than 20% worn).

This guarantee provides the extra reassurance that our cheap tyres are also quality tyres you can trust - without compromise.

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