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Advanti Wheels Alba Wheels
Advanti Racing Alloy Wheels was established in the mid 1990′s with the opening of YHI’s first manufacturing plant in Taiwan in 1996 to showcase its in-house alloy wheels design capabilities. These premium Japanese wheel brands are trendsetting icons in the wheel industry. Alba are well known high performance chrome wheel manufacturers catering for the truck and SUV market. All Alba Wheels are detailed triple chrome plated. Sizes range between 15′-24 inch.
Avant Garde Wheels Avid-1 Wheels
Originally used to describe the front line of an advancing army, Avant Garde Wheels pushes the boundaries beyond what is accepted as the status quo in the wheel industry as a manufacturer of superior quality wheels with performance driven engineering in mind. Avid 1 wheels have been built utilizing the latest in cast technologies. You can expect that each Avid 1 wheel is infused with its own attitude and purpose inspired from the latest street and track trends.
Bonetti Wheels Diamond Ice Wheels
Without a doubt Bonetti is regarded for their luxury range of black tip and chrome rims. Superb quality and good choice, Bonetti is suitable for cars, trucks and SUV’s. Sizes range between 20′-26 inch. Diamond Ice are custom wheel designers who pride themselves on providing wheels which surpasses your imagination. Made from black and ice chrome rims, drop by Ozzy Tyres for an upclose experience with one of the world’s most blinged out rims.
Dropstar Wheels Gino Wheels
Dropstars provide luxury wheel collections featuring optional centre blades and phat lip technology for that agressive deep dish look. Dropstar car rims mostly suit Chryslers, Mercedes, Audis and BMW’s. Based in Los Angeles, Gino have over 15 years experience in providing independently made unique designs to the highest level of innovation. Ozzy Tyres are the exclusive Australian dealers for this brand.
Giovanna Wheels Helo Wheels
Giovanna are the ultimate custom Italian designed wheels manufactured for high-end luxury cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossover vehicles in the custom wheels industry. Sizes range from 17′-26 inch in black, machine face and silver finishes. Helo wheels is the wheel brand with personality. Helo wheels fit all kinds of cars and accommodate to all kinds of finishes including chrome, machine, black & more.
Initial D Wheels KMC Wheels
Originated from the Japanese anime series Inital D, these are one of the top notch racing wheels; made in black and gloss chrome finishes. Car fitments include most Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi and Mitsubishi models. KMC luxury wheel brand is a premium collection of high quality designs that cater for trucks, SUV’s and passenger car type vehicles. Some of their well known product ranges include: Rockstar, Vent, Hoss & Swindle.
Kranze Wheels Lavinhard Wheels
With so many styles to choose from, Kranze wheels are the only brand you need to deliver a look that complements your beloved vehicle. Lavinhard is one of our favourite wheel brands, as it is a racing rim which is made with the highest quality materials and great attention to detail. Available in a variety different strip colours and finishes.
Lexani Wheels Lorenzo Wheels
Lexani are the world leaders in custom luxury wheels manufacturing, hence why we proudly offer it as our flagship product. With a wide range of finishes, this brand has been associated with celebrities such as Three Six Mafia, Black Eye Peas, DJ Khaled. Lorenzo are custom luxury wheel manufacturers; well known for their chromes which resembles a glossy, lustrous texture which you can see your reflection in. Celebrity riders include Erik Apple, Darren Harper & Jason Terry- NBA player for the Dallas Mavericks.
Motegi Racing Wheels Moto Metal
Motegi Racing Wheels are the premium wheel brand for local car lovers who want to grab attention. The custom alloy wheels that Motegi offers are perfect for heavily modified cars, utes and 4X4s. Moto wheels are the high-end of the Australian wheel industry. With the range of available styles Moto offers, you’ll be sure to find a wheel that takes your car to a new level of class and character.
Ozzy Racing Wheels Sovrano Wheels
As an established dealer in the custom wheels industry, we have launched Ozzy Racing brand; our own custom performance wheels. RSGT comes in gloss black, hyper black and matt black finishes. Sovrano are sport custom rims manufacturers specifically made for luxury car’s and SUV’s. These are available machined face trimmed with black or chrome finishes. Available in 18′-24inches.
Stance Wheels Status Wheels
Stance wheels has over 15 years of experience in the wheel industry. Stance wheels strives to create new and unique designs in a wide range of widths and offsets. Based in Florida, Status alloy wheels have almost 30 years experience in manufacturing and distributing great quality, good looking wheels which properly fit for your car. Ozzy Tyres offer the original black & chrome rims which suit most Holden utes and vans.
TIS Wheels VCT Wheels
TIS is an exceptional wheels manufacturer providing a strong collection of styles and chrome wheels. Featuring hip-hop celebrities such as Nelly & Ciara; who have both fitted these wheels on their wide body Mustangs, only show that these are very classy rims. VCT are custom wheel manufacturers who strive to set the standard in the wheel industry, by offering the most innovative designs. Ozzy Tyres provide the original VCT Abruzzi luxury mag wheels.
Vertini Wheels XO Wheels
Vertini are luxury wheels which embodies the finest manufacturing craftsmanship by delivering individual and brave rim designs for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus,or Porsche vehicles. XO Luxury Wheels is an exclusive luxury wheel brand catered towards even the most sophisticated consumer, backed by a long heritage of experience with trend-oriented designs and an eye for innovation.
XXR Wheels Zenetti Wheels
XXR specializes in state-of-the-art aluminum alloy wheels. Today, the company produces more than 2.4 million rims a year. XXR wheels are not only sleek and stylish but also efficient and durable. Zenetti wheels are common luxury wheels with black and machined faced finishes which can be fitted on most Ford, Nissan, Holden, Honda, Jeep, Mistubishi, Mercedes and Lexus vehicles.