Hankook Tyres Australia

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Hankook Tyres Australia

Hankook Tyres Australia

One of the best tyre brand that is making a name for itself in the racing industry with multiple sponsored cars.

Taking the world by storm, Ozzy Tyres introduce the range from Hankook Tyres.

Started from a small company, Hankook Tyres have proved their worth by developing some of the highest performing tyres used in various motorsports.

With knowledge and experience under their belt, Hankook Tyres has applied these innovations to bring you the range of tyres for your average road user.

Hankook Tyres Australia

First on the list is the Hankook K415 Optimo.

These are a not so average tyre for your average car, with grip levels beyond your passenger vehicle’s capabilities.

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable tyre for your daily driver, look no further than the Hankook K415 Optimo.

It features an optimisied four straight grooved tread pattern with centre rib block and extended shoulder block.

This ensures ultra effective water drainage to keep you safe while driving in the most extreme wet weathers.

In addition, the Hankook 415 Optimooffers low road noise and smooth ride, perfect for your passenger vehicle.

Hankook Tyres Australia

Hankook K415 Optimo


Hankook Tyres Australia

Moving right along the scale of performance, Ozzy Tyres bring you the Hankook Ventus V4 formally known as Hankook H105.

The Hankook H105 is an ultra high performance all season tyre, developed for drivers of sports cars and performance vehicles.

It features an aggressive directional tread design, with a continuous centre rib flanked by stable and intermediate shoulder tread blocks.

The Hankook H105 has wide circumferential main grooves and multiple lateral side slots creating waterways that aid water drainage.

This helps in minimising hydroplaning and enhances wet weather traction.

Hankook H105 uses a controlled footprint shape profile which makes up the tyres internal structure of twin steel belts reinforced by spirally wrapped nylon.

This technology enables the Hankook H105 tyres to have sharp and predictable handling characteristics.

Hankook Tyres Australia

Hankook Ventus V4 H105

Hankook Tyres Australia

But Hankook doesn’t stop there.

Ozzy Tyres introduce the next level, Hankook Ventus S1 Evo formally known as the Hankook K107.

The Hankook Ventus S1 Evo K107 was developed for outstanding durability as well as minimising distortion at high speeds and temps.

The tyre profile and structure is designed to ensure optimal ground contact for responsive performance during high speeds.

The Hankook K107 are one of the best sports tyres you can get for your car, whether you plan to track your car or just go for a spirited drive.

With an equalised footprint pressure distribution combined with high density nylon reinforced belt and steel belt results in outstanding dry and wet grip levels.

Hankook Tyres Australia

Hankook Ventus S1 Evo K107

Hankook Tyres Australia

Ozzy Tyres have been in the wheels and tyre industry for over 25 years, so we know what’s good for your car.

Our specialised staff can advise you of the best Hankook Tyres that suits your needs, at the best prices out there.

Why not browse our online store or call us on 1300 699 699 today.

Hankook Tyres Australia
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