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Subaru Liberty Rims

subaru liberty rimsOzzy Tyres specializes in a variety of vehicle accessories, among them the Subaru Liberty rims. Ozzy Tyres is a proud Australian based car accessories company with a history of service and technical proficiency second to none.

All the products that Ozzy Tyres deals are tested to suit local conditions and to comply with vehicle applications in accordance with Australia’s vehicle regulations. We put our clients in the drivers seat by allowing them to preview our Subaru Liberty Rims and other accessories that allow you to give your Liberty the ultimate make-over.


Ozzy Tyres prides itself in a history of innovation and engineering experience of over 20 years.
Through this period, Ozzy Tyres has been supplying the best Rims to Subaru enthusiasts in Australia.

We have the biggest variety of rims in Australia to suit your Subaru model and stud pattern.
Ozzy Tyres Subaru Iiberty Rims packages include the best and biggest brands worldwide.
Some of the Subaru Liberty Rims at Ozzy tyres include Lexani, Vertini, Zenetti, KMC and VCT, among others.



subaru liberty rimsMoreover, when one places an order Subaru Liberty Rims at Ozzy Tyres, one can opt to upgrade the delivery services especially if needed urgently.

Apart from Ozzy Tyres local stores, we have affiliations with various wheel and tyre retail outlets all over Australia.

Ozzy Tyres affiliation ensures that whenever a client purchases the Subaru Liberty Rims, the client gets professionals to carry out the fitting work. We provide an exclusive fitment guarantee on all rims purchased at both our online and retail stores. This superior service gives clients the assurance that the rims will fit the vehicle securely and in accordance with the regulations.
Ozzy Tyres has endeavored to offer its clients with an alternative in case the they fail to fit accordingly.



Benefits Of Choosing Ozzy Tyres

  • Affordable Prices
  • Discounted Delivery Australia Wide
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Fitted And Balanced
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Trusted Name
  • 20 Years Industry Experience
  • Highest Quality Mag Wheels And Tyres
  • Call To Find Out More 1300 699 699 

Contact Ozzy Tyres now on 1300 699 699 or visit the online store to view a big selection of superior quality Subaru Liberty Rims of different sizes and styles at discounted prices.


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages