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Performance Tyres

Ozzy Tyres believes in giving you and your car the very best performance tyres package for any occasion. Whether it's a day at the race track or the journey to work or dropping off the kids in the wet weather... we will have the perfect tyres for you.

High performance tyres, such as Continental or Pirelli, offers more value for money and lasts 25% longer than an average tyre.

Ozzy Tyres has the best range of performance tyre packages. Our selection provides the best innovation technology and performance tyre packages that are synonymous with performance, Acceleration, handling, stopping power and fuel efficiency. So look no more and visit your nearest branch or call for the best price at Ozzy Tyres all we slash is prices!

For some insight into our range, here are a few examples of performance tyres to help you with your choice!

The Continental Premium Contact are performance rated where their tread pattern has a innovative design to add grip during harsh conditions such as heavy rainfall. The Continental Premium is much more suited to sports cars with its traction capabilities. It is suitable for a heavier sedan type vehicle such as a Toyota Camry or Holden Commodore. These vehicles have the added weight is counteracted by extra grip levels from the Continental Premium. Aquaplaning is an issue faced by many commuters during torrential rain. Roads and highways can be a death trap when you don't have reliable tyres. Continental Premium has worked around this safety hazard to bring you a tyre you can trust when you need it most.

For a higher performing tyre, Ozzy Tyres have introduced the Continental Sport Contact to the market. Powerful sports cars, sports coupes or luxurious performance sedans look no further. The Continental Sport Contact tyre are the ultimate performance tyre bringing you extensive grip in both dry and wet weather. It features a soft bionic tread compound technology that is molded into an asymmetric design that enhances steering response and precision. The tyre's continuous ribs provide the circumferential stiffness to transmit drive and braking forces. The Continental Sport Contact has circumferential tread grooves between the ribs to help disperse water and resist hydroplaning. With enhanced handling and high-speed capabilities, the Continental Sport is the perfect tyre for your high performance vehicle.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 combines safety and performance and stands out for comfort. A reliable and trustworthy tyre in the wet, it ensures the best possible response to steering commands. Excellent grip on bends and in braking. Its features remain unaltered for the entire life of the tyre thanks to regular and even wear. P7 ensures promptness in changes in direction, providing excellent agility, manageability and traction in all conditions. On long motorway stretches it stands makes for a pleasurable journey.

The Kumho KU31 is an unidirectional tyre that provides new tyre performance in wet and dry... even after the tyre is more than half worn. It delivers world class technology by combining grip, handling, comfort, exceptional wear and eye appealing characteristics. For those who love a spirited drive, the Kumho KU31 provides you with the confidence to safely take those corners at speed. With low road noise and extra comfort, these Kumho KU31 tyres are one of the most popular choices at Ozzy Tyres.

For a high performance tyre, Ozzy Tyres has the Goodyear Eagle F1 tyre for the more sporty and luxurious vehicles. The Goodyear Eagle F1 is an asymmetric tyre featuring an innovative 3 dimensional block design within the tyre thread... so that the tyres contact with the road in increased as you brake. Research and development results in such a high performing tyre from Goodyear, which is why Ozzy Tyres recommends them to all. The Goodyear Eagle F1 has a soft compound in which it improves wet and dry grip for a far more superior handling characteristic than many other tyres. If you drive a high powered car, like to go for spirited drives or even hit the track, then the Goodyear Eagle F1 is the right tyre choice for you

No matter what the requirement is at Ozzy Tyres we have over 20 years of experience and a variety of performance tyre package for every customer requirement we only bring the best and never comprise safety, performance, handling , comfort and whatever your thinking right now!

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