Deep Dish Wheels At Ozzy Tyres; The Deep End Of Style

At Ozzy Tyres, we go beyond the standard to bring you specialized designs for your car.

When the average Rims aren't enough, express yourself with our Deep Dish Wheels to provide an enhanced appearance.

With a receding grille under the tip of your wheel, our Deep Dish Wheels will transform your car into a luxury vehicle.

We give you a smooth and comforting ride every time, along with that irresistible new tyre smell, all at our low wholesale prices Australia-wide.

Backed by our lifetime structural warranty and 20 years of industry excellence, Ozzy Tyres is the ultimate hub for all your tyre needs.

There are four things you need to consider when upgrading to Deep Dish Wheels installation, tires, repairs, and cost. All of these factors can and will be taken care of by Ozzy Tyres if you decide upon the deep dish modification.

Deep Dish Wheels

Deep Dish Wheels; Deeper is Better

Feel the difference of a ground-breaking design on your rims, giving you improved aerodynamics to get you there faster.

Turn your vehicle into a street slaying performance car with our Deep Dish Wheels. The purpose of the customized wheels is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. These wheels would be perfect alongside tinted windows, a lowered chassis, and customised stainless steel chrome wheels.

Perhaps it's because of how good it looks when the Deep Dish Wheels are installed but our team at Ozzy Tyres absolutely love the look of these babies.

It has been proven that deep dishes can improve cornering speeds by reducing lateral load transfer from the tyres. These wheels are all the rage on the performance scene and now they're coming to you!

Deep Dish Wheels are designed to be lightweight and mobile, minimizing weight resistance at high speeds.

Crafted from top-grade magnesium, our Deep Dish Wheels are durably designed to let you go the distance and beyond while offering maximum support for your ride.

With sturdy support under your wheels, you can ride with assurance and comfort wherever you go.

Lose yourself in a new degree of traction and roadhold, letting you tackle the terrain in rain, hail, or shine.
For a truly smooth ride, come into Ozzy Tyres and experience the difference!

Deep Dish Wheels

Style That Comes With Depth From Our Deep Dish Wheels

Our Deep Dish Wheels will give your vehicle that unique look to stand out among the rest

Polished down to the finest of details, Deep Dish Wheels will illuminate your car for it's true worth.

Receded into your wheel, these Wheels will give you that perfect blend of style and quality by showcasing both your rim and your tyres.

For an unmatched look like no other, indulge in Ozzy Tyres' Deep Dish Wheels.

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Ozzy Tyres stocks only the best of Deep Dish Wheels, so you can shop with confidence for the top brands such as: KMC, Vertini, Lexani, Giovanna, VCT, Zenetti and many more!Contact Ozzy Tyres now on 1300 699 699 or visit the online store to view a big selection of superior quality Deep Dish Wheels of different sizes and styles at discounted prices.

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