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Ozzy Tyres specialises in a wide variety of cheap, luxurious and custom 4X4 Mag Wheels for sale Australia wide. Ozzy Tyres has been in the business for more than over 20 years. So we know the importance of installing quality mag wheels in your vehicle. Ozzy Tyres has the biggest range of 4x4 Mag wheels and tyres in Australia, giving you a variety of quality products to choose from that will suit the specific needs of your vehicle.

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Mag Wheels at Ozzy Tyres

Many vehicle owners choose their wheels and tyres from Ozzy Tyres because we are cheap and affordable! The 4x4 wheels and tyres that we offer are also perfect alternatives for trucks and car models that want a new refreshing look. Our 4x4 wheels are made from strong alloy or magnesium composite metals. Which are popular among many vehicle owners because of its strength, reliability, and aesthetic appeal. Mag wheels are more durable and significantly lighter in comparison to their counterparts, the steel-plated wheels. Some of the brands that we stock at Ozzy Tyres are KMC, Hussla, Vertini, Method Race wheels, Centerline and much more!



Why Ozzy Tyres

As we have been in the business for over 20 years, we know the principles of installing quality mag tyres in your vehicle. We have the best prices in Australia, beating your local tyre place by up to 60% as we also offer an exclusive fitment guarantee!

Ozzy Tyres have 4x4 Mag wheels and tyres for SUVs, vans and a wide range of car models with a wide variety of designs. We offer you superior quality 4x4 Mag wheels and tyres for sale in different sizes, profiles and widths.

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Don't live near an Ozzy Tyres store? Now you don't have to worry!

The Ozzy Tyres online store is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! It is so easy to purchase from our online website! Just select your car's make, model and size and see the selection we have to offer you. Here at Ozzy Tyres, we have tried to make the checkout process as simple as possible, we value your time and know that you want to seal the deal as quick as possible.

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We also offer shipping with overnight delivery (to most metropolitan areas in Australia). If you have any inquiries about placing an order call us on 1300 699 699. Our collection comprises of nothing but quality wheels and tyres only. Once you buy 4x4 Mag wheels and tyres from us you’ll never go anywhere else.

4WD Mag Wheels

Aside from our original products, we also take pride of our experts who know very well the automobile works and the proper engineering that goes with it. Ozzy Tyres also has the latest technology that sees very well any concern in the vehicle most especially in 4x4 vehicles wherein most of which have customized wheels.

To know more about Ozzy Tyres’ products and services, you can always check about it through the Ozzy Tyres’ official website. What is more interesting is that you can also browse product reviews and testimonials from clients. This can help you on what products to purchase or what parts are suitable for your vehicle.

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Also, we have our 24/7 customer support representative who can assist you very well. We provide various packages where you can choose from. We also give recommendations and advice on what can perfectly suit your needs. In fact, Ozzy Tyres provides customized packages, depending on the client’s preferences.


If you want to get the best for your 4x4 vehicle or other cars, then Ozzy Tyres is your best home for it. We have various stores across Australia. We can also be reached through our online store.


4x4 mag wheels for sale 4x4 mag wheels for sale


Benefits Of Choosing Ozzy Tyres

Affordable Prices

FREE Delivery Australia Wide (Metro)

Nuts and Bolts

Fitted And Balanced

Friendly Customer Support

Trusted Name

20 Years Industry Experience

Highest Quality Mag Wheels And Tyres

Contact Ozzy Tyres now on 1300 699 699 or visit the online store to view a big selection of superior quality 4x4 Mag Wheels and Tyres for sale of many different sizes and styles at discounted prices.

Ozzy Tyres is considered as one of Australia’s best in the automobile industry. We manufacture and sell authentic and top-quality tyres, as well as other vehicle parts. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of clientele across Australia and other parts of the world. This is because they have full trust and confidence in the quality of our products.


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages