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Getting the Best 4wd Wheels and Tyres for Your 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle

As a person driving a 4 wheel drive car, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Usually, we tend to think of a mighty and powerful machine, capable of tearing through rough terrains, driving through obstacles and harsh climatic conditions. In the modern day, some of the fanciest Sports Utility Vehicles have a 4x4 wheel drive.

The term 4x4 denotes a really easy meaning. The first number obviously means the number of wheels that are present in vehicle and the second number denotes the no. of wheels that are powered. In a front wheel drive, we notice that the car receives power on the 2 front wheels which essentially means pulling the car forward. In case of a rear wheel drive, the two rear wheels receive power from the engine which essentially means pushing the car forward. In case of a 4x4, it has the advantage of all four wheels.

Ensuring Optimum Performance:

With all the four wheels powered by the engine, the 4x4 creates a really wonderful experience while driving on the road. It provides better grip and control over all surfaces. At Ozzy Tires, we strive to make sure that your 4x4 experience is made more preferable with our addition of custom made alloy and mag 4wd wheels and Tyres. With your 4 wheel drive vehicle, you can easily switch between 2-wheel and 4-wheel.

This allows you to make use of one mode for normal roads and the 4 wheel drive for rough terrains. At Ozzy Tires, we have a variety of mud and off-road specific tires that are capable of handling whatever you throw at them. They also maintain a maximization of grip when travelling through the rough terrain conditions. With our KMC wheel range, your vehicle will drive as smooth as possible.



Maintaining Your Vehicle:

For any maintenance issues, Ozzy Tyres is ready to provide the needed support. We keep 4wd wheels and Tyres from the most reputed companies available. For example, KMC is a famous American Company with many years of experience in the 4x4 world and it sponsors various off-road motorsports events. Right now, KMC wheels have been taken to new heights with years of research and development.

We have the best range of wheels, designed exclusively for your 4x4. Among the various 4wd wheels and Tyres, some of the best are Addict, Badland, Bomb, Brigade, Misfit, Monster, Revolver, Riot, Rockstar, Rockstar 2, Slide and Strike. Check out all the images and make up your mind to get the best set of rims from Ozzy Tyres. There are a lot of 4x4 vehicles out there and you need to make sure that your car stands out among all of them.

Check Out Our Exclusive Range of 4wd Wheels and Tyres

With our exclusive range of mag wheels, we make sure that your car is ready to make a statement while rolling into the wild. No matter if its off-roading or city-driving, with a little help from Ozzy Tyres, your 4x4 will stand out in the crowd.

At Ozzy Tyres, we suggest that the Advanta and the Dunlop AT3 are best for off-roading trails, without the presence of any huge rocks or undulations. The tires come with rugged grooves that ensure the best grip when travelling on rough terrains. Considering the scale of performance, you should also check out our Gladiator and Bridgestone off-road tires.

It has grooves designed to maximize your grip during san d duning or rock climbing. In case you are looking for the ultimate statement in off-road tires, you should simply check out the Nitto Range from Ozzy Tyres. It ensures top-of-the-line performance when it comes to trekking through rugged and muddy terrain at all times.

Knowing Your Vehicle:

Before you grab yourself a four wheel drive car, there are certain necessities you need to be aware of. You need to research into the requirements of your car and build the best four wheel drive of your dreams. Head over to Ozzy Tyres and we will provide you with everything that your vehicle needs starting from 4wd rims and tyres to body modifications ensuring a boost in performance.

You need to remember that there are several parts you will come across but the correct ones need to be chosen. In many cases, a person can end up downgrading his car instead of upgrading it, due to the wrong choice of modifications. The parts need to be modified in order to ensure a comfortable and smooth experience with your 4 wheel drive. At Ozzy Tyres, we make sure that out modifications are worth it.


4wd wheels and tyres 4wd wheels and tyres


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